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The Sense bench family is a versatile collection designed with a strong emphasis on ergonomics. It offers great flexibility and can seamlessly transition between various settings, ranging from elegant cafes to upscale restaurants, offices, lounges, or waiting areas.

The bench system is highly adaptable and provides nearly unlimited configuration options, allowing it to cater to diverse project requirements. With its modular design, the Sense bench family offers a comprehensive range of seating units that can be easily customized and combined to suit different spaces and layouts.

The attention to ergonomics in the design of the Sense bench family ensures optimal comfort for users. The seating units are designed to provide support and promote a comfortable sitting posture, enhancing the overall experience for individuals using them. 

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1 Caesar Oak SlicedCeasar Bench Oak Sliced
Scene Restaurant Sense BenchScene Restaurant Sense Bench
Tempo Restaurant Sense BenchTempo Restaurant Sense Bench
Lagom Restaurant Sense BenchLagom Restaurant Sense Bench
1 Caesar Oak QuiltedCeasar Bench Oak Quilted
Kista Restaurant Sense BenchKista Restaurant Sense Bench
2 Caesar BoxCeasar Bench Box
Narran Restaurant FinlandNarran Restaurant Finland
Narran Restaurant FinlandNarran Restaurant Finland

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Meet the Designer

Designer Ugur Yilmaz
Ugur Yılmaz

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Ugur Yilmaz was graduated from Üsküdar American Academy and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He studied Interior Architecture and Furniture in Politecnico di Milano. Also, he is graduated from Galatasaray University with an MBA degree. Universities in Italy and numerous countries exhibited his works and designs. He expanded his scope, from product design into the interior design and practice.

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