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The Venus table base is a favored choice for spaces with high circulation, offering round, square, and rectangular options. Its connection to the center of the tabletop provides comfort and convenience for those seated around the table. With its sturdy box-profile construction, the Venus table base ensures strength and durability, making it suitable for various tabletop materials. Whether you require a coffee table, dining table, or high table, the Venus table base offers versatility and reliability for your space. 

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Venus Table BaseVenus Table Base
Outdoor CollectionVenus Table Base
Venus Collection1.2-Dolphin-Single-Sofa-&-Venus-Coffee-Table
Venus Collection4. Venus Table, Square
Venus CollectionVenus Collection

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Designer Ugur Yilmaz
Ugur Yılmaz

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Ugur Yilmaz was graduated from Üsküdar American Academy and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He studied Interior Architecture and Furniture in Politecnico di Milano. Also, he is graduated from Galatasaray University with an MBA degree. Universities in Italy and numerous countries exhibited his works and designs. He expanded his scope, from product design into the interior design and practice.

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