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The Paradise collection encompasses a variety of furniture items and extends its design philosophy beyond architectural environments. A variety of furniture items from the Paradise collection are available and are intended to create an opulent and immersive environment. The armchair, a focal point of comfort and elegance, is at the center of the collection. The armchair’s wide seat and ergonomic support give consumers a comfortable spot to sit and provide a place to decompress. The chair, a smaller choice, exudes the same style and comfort. It mixes in perfectly with the overall design of the Paradise collection due to its welcoming shape and curving contours. The greater seating area of the twin armchair is ideal for relaxing together with someone you cherish. Last but not least, the bar chair blends design and use to offer cozy sitting for bars or raised dining spaces.

The Paradise collection’s intricately produced pieces are a testament to the concept’s focus on beauty and user interaction. The Paradise collection of seating solutions aims to provide customers with a seamless and immersive experience, whether they are utilized in household settings or hospitality organizations like restaurants.


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Paradise Spider ChairParadise Spider Chair
Paradise chairParadise chair
Paradise Collection1.-Paradise-Armchair-Family-&-Mushroom-Oak-Coffee-Table
Paradise CollectionParadise Armchair
Paradise CollectionParadise Spider Oak Chair
Paradise Collection5 Paradise Armchair Vito
Paradise Spider Chair Stella Stays
Pronto Restaurant, NairobiPronto Restaurant, Nairobi
Zoya Al Ahsa Saudi ArabiaZoya Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia

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Designer Ugur Yilmaz
Ugur Yılmaz

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Ugur Yilmaz was graduated from Üsküdar American Academy and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He studied Interior Architecture and Furniture in Politecnico di Milano. Also, he is graduated from Galatasaray University with an MBA degree. Universities in Italy and numerous countries exhibited his works and designs. He expanded his scope, from product design into the interior design and practice.

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