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Boston’s design is tailored to suit various establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes, suggesting that it can enhance the ambiance and sophistication of these spaces., The sculptural form of the Boston Chair and Lounge Chair adds a touch of nobility, making it stand out as a statement piece in any setting. This artistic design element could make the chair an attractive focal point, drawing attention and admiration from visitors and guests.

The availability of different upholstery options, including quilted and sliced styles, further adds to the chair’s adaptability. These different upholstery choices allow for customization, enabling the chair to complement various interior design styles.

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1 Boston SofaBoston Sofa Quilted
Boston CollectionBoston Dose
Boston CollectionBoston Soho
Boston Collectionsoho5
Boston Collectionsoho2
Boston Collection1.-Boston-High
Boston Collection3.-Boston-High-Office
Boston Collection3.-Boston-Chair-Double

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