Meet 5A Designers! We work very hard to create new products and collections. We offer various solutions to our clients’ demands on their project plans and unique specifications.

Designer Isil Yilmaz
Isıl Yılmaz

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Işıl Yılmaz is graduated from the Galatasaray High School and Yildiz Technical University, Department of Architecture. Also, she studied at ESA in Paris. In Istanbul and in Paris, she had the opportunity to work with the architects such as Cengiz Bektaş, Francis D.K, Ching and Peter Cook at the offices and the workshops. Since 2018, she is giving the lecture ‘’Furniture and Spatial Design’’ in the Faculty of Architecture of Bahçeşehir University.

Ugur Yılmaz

Born in Istanbul in 1989, Ugur Yilmaz was graduated from Üsküdar American Academy and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He studied Interior Architecture and Furniture in Politecnico di Milano. Also, he is graduated from Galatasaray University with an MBA degree. Universities in Italy and numerous countries exhibited his works and designs. He expanded his scope, from product design into the interior design and practice.

Designer Ugur Yilmaz
Meryem Ciftci 2
Meryem Çiftçi

Meryem Çiftçi, born in 1997, is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Product Design at Istanbul Technical University. Throughout her education, she participated in practical furniture design projects, studies, and production trials on the subject. She took part in competition projects including sustainable design concepts and packaging design in order to have a better grasp of regenerative design.

Oya İçkin

Oya İçkin, born in Istanbul in 1999, graduated from Özyeğin University Department of Industrial Design with honors. She also did a minor in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in order to build a multidisciplinary understanding of design. In her graduation project, she worked on modular designs and the relationship between space and furniture. She took part in projects in different sectors such as lighting, packaging and furniture.

Oya Ickin
Ömer Nasuh Karaer

Born in İstanbul in 1999, Ömer Nasuh Karaer graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University, Department of Industrial Design with Honors. He has production experience in different sectors such as lighting, metal, shoe, and clothing. During his bachelor, he collaborated with BSH Turkey for a dryer concept, Adalar Municipality for a sustainable project, İstanbul Forest Regional Directorate, and Nasuh Mahruki for a project about forest fires. Also, He appeared on different news channels with his senior project which is a shoe design for forest fires.

Basak Aktoklu

Born in 1994, Başak Aktoklu is graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture & Design in Anadolu University. She is interested in more than one creative discipline and art she also carries out organizational works in this subject. During her studies, she had the opportunity to meet with many designers in projects, interned at lighting design in Germany. Now she works on furniture design in 5A Design Team.

Designer Basak Aktoklu