We work hard to minimize the negative impact on our environment from supply to production, from packaging to logistics. We prefer adaptable, organic and innovative materials during the design phase. We mainly use wood, metal, marble, fabric and leather. We prefer to supply our raw materials with international ecologic certificates.

Dissambling Systems

We create long living products thanks to our developed production techniques and detail oriented designs. With our dissambling systems, we can adapt different products with various leg types to increase efficiency in manufactoring. It gives us the freedom to customize any chair model to any environment, any time.

Adaptable Bases

Spider Oak BaseSled Base

Various Seats

Gloria CollectionPremiere Collection

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We care for the environment and support local production by carrying out all the production activities in Istanbul. Every year, we distribute our goods to projects in different continents such as Europe, U.S.A, Scandinavia, Africa, Arabia and Russia. Meanwhile, we use a compact dissambling packaging system to protect the consumer and the manufacturer from the extra cost of packaging and transportation.

We have implemented our ecology policy in our own showroom. We completed our architectural design with a gallery space and thanks to this, we save heat and electricity. Also, we communicate inside the showroom at the highest level.

Organic Coating

We protect our wooden bases and tabletops with UV protected and eco-friendly water based paints and varnishes. They keep the wood resistant against outdoor impacts and still keep the soft touch of wood’s essence. These paints and varnishes have almost zero level of VOCs emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is much lower than the European and international regulations. 

We manufacture our chairs with changeable covers. We rather choose washable fabrics produced by Safefront ecological method and use non-phthalate materials.