Design Işıl Yılmaz

The New series has a bold and fashionable design. It has a low-back chair and a high-back lounge chair, both of which have special advantages. The basic style of the New chair makes it the ideal furnishing for compact areas. Its proportions were thoughtfully designed to enhance usefulness while taking up the least amount of room. It is therefore the perfect option for anyone who wants to maximize their living or eating spaces without sacrificing comfort.

The New collection’s high back lounge chair provides more comfort and a more opulent lounging environment. It offers exceptional comfort for prolonged periods of sitting because of its raised backrest, enabling you to repose and unwind in elegance. Both of the chairs in the New line are stylish and practical.

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1 New Lounge Spider Metal Capture1 New Lounge Spider Metal
Doga Park Dental ClinicDoga Park Dental Clinic Mushroom Metal Coffee Table
New Collection3 New Chair Oak
New CollectionNew Oak Chair
New Collection4 New Chair Tiffany
New LoungeNew Lounge
Doga Park Dental ClinicDoga Park Dental Clinic Mushroom Metal Coffee Table
New Collection4 New Lounge Spider Oak

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Meet the Designer

Designer Isil Yilmaz
Isıl Yılmaz

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Işıl Yılmaz is graduated from the Galatasaray High School and Yildiz Technical University, Department of Architecture. Also, she studied at ESA in Paris. In Istanbul and in Paris, she had the opportunity to work with the architects such as Cengiz Bektaş, Francis D.K, Ching and Peter Cook at the offices and the workshops. Since 2018, she is giving the lecture ‘’Furniture and Spatial Design’’ in the Faculty of Architecture of Bahçeşehir University.

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