Renovation of a restaurant’s dining area depends on many different factors. The size of the area, the number of targeted daily customers and the concept of the restaurant are significant. Restaurant decoration should be done in accordance with these criteria.

When making interior decoration, main point should be the customer. The age range, the menu you will present, the concept of the interior design should be able to appealing your customer. It will be designed differently due to the concept of places such as fast food, fish restaurant, cafe and hotel restaurant. In addition, if we look at it from a wider perspective, architecturally, the location of the building, its relationship with its surroundings, its relationship with the interior must also be taken into account.

The furniture you choose will add character to your space. Especially tables and chairs are in the movable furniture class, energizing the design. You can make different choices by separating your space with separators. Examples of tables such as 70×70 and 120×70, which allow comfortable seats for entrance, wooden chairs that provide upright seating for the dining area, and a large table when their dimensions are side by side.

According to the circulation throughout the space, it is necessary to choose the category and location of the furniture. According to the form of the walls and window placements, custom bench designs are made in accordance with the space. The placement of the tables is adjusted by considering the transition distance of the waiters.

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