Before starting a design, it is useful to determine the ambience that the space wants to present. Within this concept, food, decoration, furniture, people’s behavior and clothing will progress in a whole. We can summarize this integrity by talking about several different styles.

By making use of all the benefits of technology, patterns, materials and the ambiance are prepared. Patterns are generally symbolic. The decoration may have a more fluid form. For example, the pattern on the wall turns into a table and gains 3 dimensions. After the table, it changes perspective and turns into a sitting group. Corian, plastic, plain colored felt fabrics and metal parts are preferred. Floorings are vivid and eye-catching.

5A Mushroom Stool

If we want to combine traditional and modern styles, we can put different materials together in chair and table selections. The important thing is to bring different styles together at the right time and space. The unique design takes the space one step forward. Customers will adopt the original spaces.

5A Mia Chair Eat & Meet

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