Tempo Cafe

Location: Romania

Tempo Cafe offers its customers finest drinks and food service as usual with its new interior design. You can find many products of 5A Collections in Tempo, which has warm and stylish atmosphere inside.

Solid panel wood and marble tops were their choices and a metal table frames were used for both materials. Premiere family, Pino upholstered, Bend have preferred for different points in the place and provided visual variety. Linea stools act as decorative objects that provides mobility and function. Antique Brass painted Mia Bar Chair were placed for the eye-catching bar in the middle of the cafe, a great harmony with this choice was inevitable. Seats were upholstered with Aqua Clean products, the colors were carefully selected to suit the main concept.

Products Used

Premiere Armchair Vito

Premiere Vito

Premiere Chair Vito

Premiere Vito

bend chair


Pino Upholstered Chair


mia bar oak H63

Mia Bar Chair

Linea Stool

XX H.73

Linea H.73

Table Top Frame

35×50 Pillow


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