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Panama collection highlights the warmth and natural essence of wood, adding a unique elegance to your home and project spaces. Carefully selected wooden columns in each piece reflect the spirit of the collection, bringing together the aesthetic and durability of natural materials. ‘Panama’ aims to blend the timeless allure of wood with modern designs, aiming to furnish your home or project with a warm and contemporary atmosphere. Every detail brings the texture and aesthetics of nature into your living spaces while ensuring long-lasting usage with the robustness of wood. This collection intends to enhance your home or project’s uniqueness by accentuating the natural beauty of wood. Merge your living spaces with the tranquility of nature through Panama, reflecting your style with the warmth of wood.

All the parts of the sofa skeletons are designed in 3D programs and cut with CNC machines. The inner and outer walls are made of plywood, which covers the skeleton and makes it very rigid and durable. The skeleton is made from oak wood and poplar plywood with metal components. The zig-zag springs and elastic banding on the seating area make the sofa soft and comfortable. The foaming on the seat is 32- to 35-density comfort foaming with high resiliency. The base is connected to the metal structure inside the skeleton, so the bases can be disassembled, which makes the packages smaller. The sofa width can be customized at intervals of 10 cm.

Upholstery is done using the dressing method. The cover can be replaced without harming the skeleton. Spare coverings are available for purchase. All fabrics are cut with CNC machines, so they come out in perfectly correct shapes. There are many options for upholstery textiles, such as artificial leather, velvet, woven fabric, linen, genuine leather, bouclé, and nubuck. Upholstery can be done using the customer’s own materials with approval from 5A Production.

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