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The Globe collection is designed with smooth and flowing lines, specifically crafted to create a relaxing and inviting environment. The furniture pieces in this series are constructed with a body-grasping design, ensuring that users experience a pleasant and soothing sensation while seated. The collection has gained significant popularity in various settings, including cafés, restaurants, and homes, where both comfort and design are highly valued.

The Globe collection offers a range of furniture options to choose from. It includes an armchair, a lounge chair and a couch, all designed with the same welcoming and comfortable style that characterizes the collection as a whole. These pieces are crafted to provide a cozy and restful seating experience while adding an aesthetic touch to the surrounding space. 

PU moulded foam with a metal skeleton. Electrostatic powder coating, RAL 9005 matt textured. UV resistant coating finishes for natural oak wood legs. Upholstered in fabric or leather. 

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Globe Armchair Spider1 Globe Armchair Spider Metal
Pronto Restaurant, NairobiPronto Restaurant, Nairobi
Globe Armchair Spider2 Globe Armchair Spider Metal
Globe Armchair Spider3 Globe Armchair Spider Metal
Globe Armchair Spider4 Globe Armchair Spider Metal
Globe Armchair Spider6 Globe Armchair Spider Metal
Globe Armchair Spider5 Globe Armchair Spider Metal

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