Basra International Stadium

Location: Iraq

5A Design furnished Basra International Stadium with Dolphin Armchairs and HPL tables with Mushroom Metal bases. Dolphin armchairs and HPL tables with mushroom metal bases would likely enhance the seating and comfort for spectators and visitors. The use of Dolphin armchairs suggests a stylish and ergonomic design, providing a pleasant experience for those sitting in them. Meanwhile, the HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) tables with mushroom metal bases would likely be durable and practical, serving as convenient surfaces for placing items or enjoying refreshments. The choice of furniture from 5A Design indicates a focus on quality and aesthetics, ensuring that the stadium’s atmosphere is welcoming and visually appealing. By incorporating these furnishings, the stadium can offer an improved and more enjoyable experience for everyone attending events and gatherings.

Basra Stadium

Products Used

Dolphin Vito Armchair

Dolphin Vito Armchair

Mushroom Metal Base h73

Mushroom Metal H.73

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