Address Cafe

Location: Saudi Arabia

Address Cafe Riyadh exhibits Premiere Armchair with various leg types in different locations of the space. The designers used office legs in front of the working desks, Vito legs next to the decorated walls with wooden details, Spider lounge legs in the lounge area. In the outdoor space, Iroko armchairs in matt black and natural iroko color is chosen. The lounge area is furnished with a mixture of Grande and Premiere lounge chairs. In Tabuk branch’s interior, Grande lounge chairs have chosen.

Address, RiyadhAddress, Riyadh-4

Products Used

Premiere Armchair Spider Metal

Premiere Spider 

Premiere Swivel 

Premiere Armchair Vito

Premiere Vito 

Sunset Iroko Chair


grande lounge chair



Spider Metal H.73


Spider Metal H.58

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