Hotel bars are generally located in the entrance of the hotels. In addition, it is the place where visitors have their first cocktails, rest and get some snack before meals. Essentially, the first impression of the hotel might be the hotel bar design.

Premiere bar chair in Makel Hotel project

First of all, the choice of furniture is important as it addresses different purposes. The bar design reflects the level of comfort, aesthetics and luxury. Therefore, both in the daylight and at night, it should look appealing. For this reason, colors should be selected considering this criterias.

Bar chairs should be both very comfortable and durable as they are intended only for drinks. Otherwise, it gives the person the feeling that it is not safe. Session height varies between 62-78 cm. If the foot rest is 30 cm below the session, it will be suitable for the ergonomics of the person. It is more durable if it is made of metal. We can group bar chairs into two criteria; with/without back. Selection is made according to aesthetics and comfort level.

Premiere bar chair in Makel Hotel project

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