Unsal Yapi

Location: Turkey

The foyer of the office of Unsal Yapi, a Turkish trade firm, is outfitted with 5A Design items.
The offset couch, with its sliced back, coordinates with the Premiere armchairs, which also have sliced backs. The Premiere lounge chairs on the side of the Offset sofa give a sense of flow and relaxation in the lobby. Linea bases with marble tops complete the Premire armchairs. They form the ideal waiting area when combined. Offset couch, Premiere lounge chair, and Premiere armchair have Spider Metal bases. As a result, all goods are in sync.

1 Hayat Park Unsal Yapi
2 Hayat Park Unsal Yapi
3 Hayat Park Unsal Yapi

Products Used

Premiere Sofa Single

Premiere Sofa, Single

Premiere Armchair Spider Metal

Premiere Armchair

Linea Coffee Table

Linea Table Base H.58

Loft pouf w70

Linea Pouf W.50

Offset Sofa

Offset Sofa

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