Project Description

Tex Mex Restaurant

Location: Malta

Premiere chair and Premiere armchair from ”Premiere family by 5A” has been chosen for the furnishing of Tex Mex Mexican restaurant. High back Sedirs were used to separate the space and make it more useful. On the request of the clients, the back of the chair was quilted in slice form and referred to the sliced Sedirs in the space. Walnut pannel Venus tables were preferred for the ease of movement inside and the comfort of the customers. Low seated Gloria lounges and H.78 Premiere bar chairs were preferred in the openable terrace section for different needs. 

Products Used

Premiere Armchair Vito

Premiere Vito

Premiere Chair Vito

Premiere Vito 

Royal Bar Chair

Gloria Spider metal

Gloria Lounge Chair

Sliced Sedir

Other References

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