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Supplier: Flokser
Grade 1

2%PU, 65%PVC, 22% PES, 11% COT
Weight: 600 gr/m2

Water Repellency: Pass

Abrasion Resistance: ≥ 75.000 Rubs Martindale (DIN 53863) 

Light Fastness: Light colors ≥ 4, Dark colors ≥ 5 BW (ISO 105-B02)

Phthalate Free

Warranty: 2 Years

Care & Cleaning: Wipe or wash with max 30°C water for daily cleaning. Coffee, milk, tea, cosmetics, syrups and juices stains, use a cloth or paper with high absorbency. Let the stain be absorbed by the cloth or paper. Start cleaning around the main area and don’t scatter the stain. Wipe with water-soluble products (ph-neutral, alcohol-free, mild soap). Do not use detergent, bleach, colored soaps and avoid expose directly sunlight. Strong cleaners, detergents xylene-based solutions or acetone can cause immediate damage and deteriorate the material. 

        Care Instructions  

Sin Visage Color Chart

Sin Visage 001

Sin Visage 002

Sin Visage 010

Sin Visage 031

Sin Visage 035

Sin Visage 060

Sin Visage 226

Sin Visage 305

Sin Visage 320

Sin Visage 366

Sin Visage 425

Sin Visage 440

Sin Visage 520

Sin Visage 220

Sin Visage 525

Sin Visage 590

Sin Visage 595

Sin Visage 605

Sin Visage 620

Sin Visage 901

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