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The Paradise collection encompasses a variety of furniture items and extends its design philosophy beyond architectural environments.

A variety of furniture items from the Paradise collection are available and are intended to create an opulent and immersive environment. The armchair, a focal point of comfort and elegance, is at the center of the collection. The armchair’s wide seat and ergonomic support give consumers a comfortable spot to sit and provide a place to decompress. The chair, a smaller choice, exudes the same style and comfort. It mixes in perfectly with the overall design of the Paradise collection due to its welcoming shape and curving contours. The greater seating area of the twin armchair is ideal for relaxing together with someone you cherish. Last but not least, the bar chair blends design and use to offer cozy sitting for bars or raised dining spaces.

The Paradise collection’s intricately produced pieces are a testament to the concept’s focus on beauty and user interaction. The Paradise collection of seating solutions aims to provide customers with a seamless and immersive experience, whether they are utilized in household settings or hospitality organizations like restaurants.

The Paradise chair’s construction is made of polyurethane molded foam with a metal framework. As an outcome, it is long-lasting and does not distort. The back of the chair is covered with a single layer of foam, while the seat is coated with two layers.

Upholstery is done using the dressing method. The cover can be replaced without harming the skeleton. Spare coverings are available for purchase. All fabrics are cut with CNC machines, so they come out in perfectly correct forms. There are many options for upholstery textiles, such as artificial leather, velvet, woven fabric, linen, genuine leather, bouclé, and nubuck. Upholstery can be done using the customer’s own materials; with approval from 5A production.

The inserts of the chair’s metal frame make it easy to assemble various wooden and metal base options. In order to customize this model to your project, there are various seating options such as with/without cushions and sliced/diamond backrest options. With the help of these modifications, the product is customizable to your needs. The Spider Metal base is made of steel profile with electrostatic powder coating. In addition to our standard RAL colors, we offer premium finishes such as brass, chrome or the customer’s own choice. Black polypropylene glides are mounted under the feet which prevents from damaging the floor during dragging. 

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Paradise Armchair Spider1 Paradise Armchair Spider Metal
Paradise Armchair Spider2 Paradise Armchair Spider Metal
Paradise ArmchairParadise Armchair
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Paradise ArmchairParadise Armchair
Paradise Spider Armchair4 Paradise Armchair Spider Metal
Paradise ArmchairParadise Armchair
Paradise Spider Armchair5 Paradise Armchair Spider Metal
Fethiye Residence Paradise Armchair Basket metal table
Paradise Spider Armchair6 Paradise Armchair Spider Metal

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