Project Description

MOC Coffee Roastery

Location: Turkey

MOC is one of the coffee chains that serve with the most comprehensive brewing methods in Istanbul. Products of 5A were preferred in MOC coffee shops in many parts of the city. The MOC design team did not hesitate to use different materials together and chose products that meet all needs for each branch, for example Premiere family with different leg types for different usage types.

While creating a design language in this way, a different atmosphere was created for each branches. Different type of marble and wooden table tops were chosen for each branch, while wood and marble were used in the interior, natural Iroko and compact were used outside. 

Products Used

Premiere Armchair Spider Metal

Premiere Spider Armchair

Premiere Spider Armchair

Premiere Sled Armchair

Globe Vito

Globe Vito

Premiere lounge Sled

Premiere Sled Lounge

Mia Oak Chair

Mia Oak

Mia Bar Chair


Sunset Iroko Chair

Iroko Sunset

Venus H.73

Linea H.73

King H.73


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