Membranes provide economic solutions to projects. The resistance to scratching is higher thanks to thick German PVC. Different color options are available in membranes.

Care & Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleaner, then dry with a clean cloth. Don’t use sharp or scouring cleaning agents to avoid damage the surface. We recommend to use cleaning cloths, wipes or sponges; do not use cleaning pads made of plastic, microfiber cloths or steel wool. Markers/stubborn stains should be removed before they dry if possible.
        Care Instructions  
Membrane Table Top1 Membrane Table Tops
Membrane Table Top2 Membrane Table Tops

Membrane Color Chart




E 565 Soft

E 564 Soft

E 561 Soft

S 284

S 493

E 841

E 843

E 844

Other Finishes