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Presenting the Luis wooden chair, a labor of love meticulously sculpted to marry comfort and sophistication. With a design meticulously honed for relaxation, it cradles you in its tenderly upholstered embrace, promising a luxurious seating experience for all. The Luis chair stands as a bastion of strength, forged from the resilient embrace of kiln-dried beech wood. This choice material not only ensures enduring durability but also elevates the chair’s innate allure.

As the natural characteristics of beech wood intertwine with the graceful curves that inspired its very name, the Luis chair becomes a captivating centerpiece, adding an air of enchantment to any space.

Introducing the Luis chair collection, where craftsmanship meets innovation for an unparalleled seating experience. Each chair is meticulously handcrafted from kiln-dried solid beech wood, ensuring not just durability but also a touch of natural elegance. The wooden parts are carefully coated with UV-protected, eco-friendly water-based paints, preserving the wood’s integrity while adding a subtle sheen.

With a UV-resistant coating, the chair’s natural texture remains vibrant, promising timeless beauty that won’t fade over time. The staining process offers a spectrum of colors, allowing you to personalize your chair to match any decor style.

Sink into luxury with the high-density foam and plush upholstery on the seat and back, providing unparalleled comfort. Choose from a variety of premium fabrics, from luxurious velvet to durable genuine leather, all cut with precision by state-of-the-art CNC machines.

To truly make it your own, spare coverings are available for purchase, and you can even use your own materials with approval from 5A production. And with sleek black polypropylene glides underfoot, your Luis chair effortlessly glides across floors, adding both style and functionality to any space.

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Luis hazeranlı
Luis chair
Luis chair
Luis chair

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