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Supplier: Sauleda
Grade 4

100% Solution Dyed Acrylic

Finish: Teflon with stain and mildew resistant treatment

Weight: 260 gr/m2

Roll Width: 160 cm

Roll Length: 50 ml

Martindale: Martindale Abrasion AS2001.2

Light Fastness: 7/8

Cleaning: Washable to 30°C

Flammability: Une 1021, IMO PEF 2010 Anex 1, BS 5852 Cigarret & Match

Water Repellency: Pass

Warranty: 5 Years

Care & Cleaning: It is wiped with a damp or soapy cloth. It is recommended to brush with soapy water and a soft brush. Do not use bleach, detergent, gas, gasoline, diesel oil, thinner, acetone. Remove dirt regularly by gentle brushing or vacuuming the fabric. Do not use hot water (above 30º C) or high-pressure cleaners, let the fabric dry completely outdoors. 

Used Only for Cushions

        Care Instructions  

Lisos Color Chart

3701 Blanco

3703 Alabastro

3704 Marfil

3705 Integral

3709 Azafran

3711 Granate

3713 Cafe

3714 Amarillo

3717 Rojo

3718 Brasseire

3720 Purpura

3721 Turkis

3722 Azul

3723 Marino

3725 Botella

3726 Verde Claro

3729 Mineral

3730 Basalto

3732 Negro

3733 Indigo

3735 Perla

3736 Brisa

3823 Grafit

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