Lacquer MDF

MDF laquered tops offer variety with rich colors for you places.

Care & Cleaning: Wipe with a damp smooth and cottony cloth. Completely wet cloths are not recommended. Don’t use chemical cleaning materials. You can clean with pure clean water as long as there is no serious contamination. Yellowing may occur if exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid a cleaning product that contains ammonia or bleach.

        Care Instructions  
1 Lacquered Table Tops1 Lacquered Table Tops

MDF Color Chart

9010 Matt/Glossy

1013 Matt/Glossy

9001 Matt/Glossy

9006 Matt/Glossy

7006 Matt/Glossy

5013 Matt/Glossy

7016 Matt/Glossy

9005 Matt/Glossy

Other Finishes