Supplier: Fibreguard
Grade 6


Weight: 550 gr/m2

Roll Width: 140 cm

Roll Length: 35-45 m

Abrasion Resistance: >30.000 Martindale (EN ISO 12947-2)

Light Fastness: 3 (ISO 105X12)

Flammability: Optional

Water Repellency: Pass

Pilling: 4 (ISO 12945-2) (5000 cycles)

Care & Cleaning: Wipe with water based cleaner or soapy water. The longer a stain is on the textile, the more difficult it will be to remove. It is kindly requested not to use detergent containing chemical substances for this product. Max 30°C.

        Care Instructions  
keystone-26-green beige

Keystone Color Chart

keystone-01 Iron

01 Iron

keystone-02 Shark

02 Shark

keystone-03 Mouse

03 Mouse

keystone-04 Shadow

04 Shadow

keystone-05 Mist

05 Mist

keystone-06 Pure

06 Pure

keystone-09 Ice

09 Ice

keystone-10 Ecru

10 Ecru

keystone-11 Sesame

11 Sesame

keystone-13 Linen

13 Linen

keystone-14 Earth

14 Earth

keystone-15 Nut

15 Nut

keystone-16 Truffle

16 Truffle

keystone-17 Ebony

17 Ebony

keystone-18 Griffin

18 Griffin

keystone-19 Night

19 Night

keystone-20 Navy

20 Navy

keystone-21 Pool

21 Pool

keystone-22 Spa

22 Spa

keystone-23 Scuba

23 Scuba

keystone-25 Mineral

25 Mineral

keystone-26 Sage

26 Sage

keystone-27 Leaf

27 Leaf


28 Grass

keystone-31 Sun

31 Sun

keystone-32 Spice

32 Spice

keystone-33 Poppy

33 Poppy

keystone-33 Poppy

35 Violet

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