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Introducing the Kelly wooden chair, a meticulously crafted furniture piece that prioritizes both comfort and elegance. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail for ultimate relaxation, it features a carefully upholstered backrest and seating, ensuring a delightful seating experience for every user. Crafted from kiln-dried beech wood, renowned for its robustness, the Cena chair not only guarantees durability but also exudes timeless beauty. The distinctive characteristics of beech wood, combined with the graceful curves that inspired its name, effortlessly draw attention and infuse any environment with a sense of refinement.

The Kelly chairs are meticulously crafted from kiln-dried solid beech wood, renowned for its durability and strength. To ensure longevity and resistance against outdoor elements, the wooden parts are coated with UV-protected, eco-friendly water-based paints. This protective coating not only maintains the wood’s soft touch but also preserves its natural texture, preventing any fading over time. Moreover, the staining process provides a versatile range of color options, catering to various preferences from light to dark shades.

For optimal comfort, the seats and backs of the Cena chairs are filled with high-density foam and upholstered with precision. Spare coverings are readily available for purchase, ensuring effortless maintenance and prolonged use. Each fabric is meticulously cut using CNC machines, guaranteeing perfect forms and finishes.

Customers have a wide selection of upholstery textiles to choose from, including artificial leather, sumptuous velvet, durable woven fabric, crisp linen, luxurious genuine leather, textured bouclé, and opulent nubuck. Additionally, upholstery can be customized using materials provided by the customer, subject to approval from 5A Production.

To protect floors from potential damage while moving the chairs, black polypropylene glides are securely mounted under the feet, ensuring smooth and effortless dragging without compromising the integrity of the floor.

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Kelly chairKelly chair
Kelly chair
Kelly chair

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