Huge Cafe

Location: Saudi Arabia

Huge Saudi Arabia Al Ahsa, Khobar branches have furnished by 5A Design Collections. Inspired by the industrial interior style of the 50s, the Huge Cafe wanted to complete the unfinished details of the interior design with metal furniture. After discovering the undisputed harmony of the Mia family to the place, they preferred the Mia chair and the Mia bar chair. The Premier Armchair, used with glossy gray leather, refers to the concrete appearance on the floor. Thanks to the dissembling systems of 5A products, sled feet have been integrated in all chairs.

Huge coffee
Huge Al Khobar
Huge coffee
Huge Al KhobarHuge Al Khobar-4
Huge coffee
Huge coffeeHuge coffee
Huge Al KhobarHuge Al Khobar-6
Huge coffee
Huge Al KhobarHuge Al Khobar-3
Huge Al KhobarHuge Al Khobar-8

Products Used

Premiere Sled

Paradise Tiffany

Paradise Chair

Arco Armchair

Arco Armchair

Mia Sled Chair

Mia Sled 

Mia Bar Chair


Premiere Bar Chair

Premiere Bar Chair

Venus H.108

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