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Introducing our exceptional compact material, specifically designed for outdoor use, renowned for its robustness and stunning array of colors. This versatile material combines the durability of marble and wood with the timeless elegance of white and black shades, effortlessly complementing a wide range of projects.

Our compact tops are meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to various weather conditions. With its exceptional strength and durability, our compact material provides a reliable surface for your outdoor furniture. In addition to its robustness, our compact material offers a captivating selection of colors. From the classic beauty of marble to the warmth of wood, and the contemporary allure of white and black, we provide a diverse palette to suit any aesthetic preference. Enhance your project’s visual appeal by choosing the perfect color from our extensive collection.

To offer you the utmost customization, we invite you to visit our material library, where you can explore and select from a range of fabrics and finish colors. Tailor your table to reflect your unique style and design vision, creating a truly personalized outdoor space that stands out. Experience the combination of strength, special colors, and customizability with our compact tops. Elevate your outdoor projects with a material that exudes elegance while withstanding the demands of the elements.

HPL Compakt Table TopHPL Compakt Table Top
Compact Table TOp Zroom Restaurant Dubai PalmCompact Table TOp Zroom Restaurant Dubai Palm
Paco Cafe Compact Table TopPaco Cafe Compact Table Top
Akropoli Restaurant Georgia Compact Table TopAkropoli Restaurant Georgia Compact Table Top
Density Coffee Saudi ArabiaDensity Coffee Saudi Arabia
HPL Compakt Table TopHPL Compakt Table Top
Pronto Restaurant Compact Table TopPronto Restaurant Compact Table Top
Compact Table Top Stella StaysCompact Table Top Stella Stays

HPL (Compact) Color Options

G-3103 Matt

G-3190 Matt

3152 HPL Compact

A-3152 Matt


G-4666 Matt

G-4274 Matt

g-4605-golden oak

G-4605 Matt

A-3146 Matt

A-5055 Matt/Glossy

G-5657 Glossy

5147 matt Lviv Concrete

A-5147 Matt

5054 HPL Compact

A-5054 Glossy

G-5716 Glossy


A-5073 Matt/Glossy


A-5176 Glossy

5177 HPL Compact

A-5177 Glossy

5181 HPL Compact

A-5181 Glossy

5185 HPL Compact

A-5185 Glossy

5658 compact

G-5658 Glossy

5187 HPL Compact

A-5187 Glossy

g-5741 noir

G-5741 Matt/Glossy

A-5190 Glossy Compact

A-5190 Glossy

G-4604 Matt

A-1065 Matt

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