Hoot Coffee House

Location: Saudi Arabia

The 5A Design couches, lounge chairs, armchairs, cooffee tables, bar chairs, and poufs at Hoot Coffee House in Saudi Arabia come in a wide range of hues and wood-metal combinations.
Basket Sofa, with its metal construction and simple lines, complements the Linea Poufs, which have a similar structure. The Spider Oak coffee tables in front of the Basket Sofas hint at the coffee house’s metal and wood combo.
Moving around the café, guests will notice a variety of sitting options, including Mood and Intero Sofas that exude comfort, as well as Paradise and Globe Armchairs with oak legs and Bend Armchairs with wooden skeletons. In the center of these pairings, Verona table bases are selected with marble tops.
The Paradise and Mia Bar Seats are paired with wood legs and Venus bases to save more space while moving the chairs around.

Products Used

bend chair


Globe Spider Oak

Paradise Armchair Oak

Paradise Oak

Paradise Bar Chair

linea stool metal

Linea Stool

diego stool oak

Diego Stool

Mood Sofa

Basket Sofa

Intero Sofa

mia bar oak H63

Mia Oak Bar

Premiere Spider oak lounge

Premiere Spider Oak

Venus Dia45 H73

Venus Base

Spider Oak Base


Verona H.30

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