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The Era line is ideal for office and café functions because of its clean and straightforward style. This outstanding collection blends perfectly into a variety of situations, providing a touch of refinement. Era’s modular architecture allows for customizable creations, with armchairs and sofas available in a variety of sizes to meet your unique requirements. Era is an excellent choice for generating useful and elegant, seating solutions thanks to its mass-production method. The simplified manufacturing process assures consistent quality and availability, making it easier to outfit rooms.

All the parts of the sofa skeletons are designed in 3D programs and cut with CNC machines. The inner and outer are walls made of plywood, which covers all the skeleton and makes it very regid and durable. The skeleton is made from oak wood and poplar plywood with metal components.

The foaming on the seat is 32 to 35 density comfort foaming with high resiliency. The cover can be replaced without harming the skeleton. Spare coverings are available for purchase. All fabrics are cut with CNC machines, so they come out in perfectly correct forms. There are many options for upholstery textile, such as artificial leather, velvet, woven fabric, linen, genuine leather, bouclé, and nubuck. Upholstery can be done using the customer’s own materials; with an approvel from 5A production.

The oak base is made of solid oak wood. The wooden bases have UV protected and eco-friendly water based paints. They keep the wood resistant against outdoor impacts and still keep the soft touch of wood’s essence. With UV resistant coating applied over the wood, the natural texture does not fade. Additionally, the staining procedure offers the wood multiple color alternatives ranging from light to dark. The upper part of the base is plywood and it can be mouted under the chair. Black polypropylene glides are mounted under the feet which prevents from damaning the floor during dragging.

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