Project Description

Density Cafe

Location: Saudi Arabia

Density cafe contains many products of 5A and it gains the appreciation of its customers with its style every day. The owner of Density Cafe had a request when they knocked on the door of 5A; to present the most beautiful coffee in the most elegant environment.

Diversity which is supported by color palette, was achieved with Dolphin, Paradise and Mia families. Different sizes of seating areas were created for different numbers of customer groups. Margot, which is most preffered design of 5A, was chosen for lounge seating area. Gloria bar chairs and custom bar table were used in the VIP tasting section on the upper floor. In the materials, a retro atmosphere is obtained with marble tables, antique vintage colors and nubuck fabrics in earthy tones.

Compact table tops, which are a great choice for outdoor, were also used in this project with Mia family as outdoor groups.

Products Used

Mia Oak Chair

Mia Oak

Paradise Armchair Spider Metal

Paradise Armchair

Dolphin Armchair Spider metal

Dolphin Armchair

Gloria Bar Chair

Linea H.73

Verona H.34

Margot Spider oak

Margot Oak

Diamond Sedir Metal Legs

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