Café Tværgade

Location: Denmark

Cafe Tværgade is a restaurant that welcomes its customers with its delicious menu on Tværgade street. Located in a busy pedestrian street of Denmark, this cafe serves as a daytime cafe and fine dining at night. In accordance with the quality of the kitchen, it was furnished with modern classic furniture in its atmosphere.

To show the space deeper, 130 cm high special Quilted cedars and Trunk chairs were used, which started with the end of the walls covered with custom made mirrors. In the middle, the opportunity to move with Venus tables was provided. The desired comfort was provided with the Cuore seats in the interior. An intimate atmosphere was created using the color and fabric choices of velvet-style coffee, beige and orange.

Products Used

Trunk Chair Quilted

Trunk Quilted


Quilted Sense Bench

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