Bara La Afrika

Location: Turkey

Located in Asmalımescit, one of the most active streets in Taksim, Bara La Afrika was furnished by 5A Design architects. The furniture arrangement shaped by the rectangular structure of the interior is focused on using the single corridor and walls completely.

In the windows at the entrance, Linea stools and coffee tables are used to the experience watching the street. The solid oak Verona table that welcomes you and the colorful Linea stools that reflect the colors of Africa give a perception about the identity of the place.

In order to fully utilize the walls, oak veneered Romeo tables and Pino chairs made of natural wood are used right across green Sedirs. The pillows placed on the Sedir emphasizes the warm environment in the space.

Products Used

Sliced Sense Bench


40×40 Pillow

Romeo H.73

Verona H.73

Other References