Leather by 5A
Genuine Leather Grade 2

Genuine Leather

Color Fastness to Rubbing (IWC, Rondo, Alpi): 200 cycles / Dry (UNI EN ISO 11640), 50 cycles / Wet (UNI EN ISO 11640)

Color Fastness to Rubbing (Wax): 200 cycles / Dry (UNI EN ISO 11640), 30 cycles / Wet (UNI EN ISO 11640)

Light Resistance (IWC, Rondo, Alpi): ≥4 (ISO 105-B02)

Light Resistance (Wax): ≥3 (ISO 105-B02)

Flammability (IWC, Alpi, Rondo): BS 5852: Part 1:1979 Pass 

Care & Cleaning: Clean weekly and monthly with damp cotton cloth. When stained, wipe with a soft and damp cotton cloth first and leave to dry. If the stain doesn’t come out, gently rub again with a soapy wet cloth with soft oval movements; clean the soap residue with a damp cotton cloth and leave to dry. Cleaning should be done as soon as the staining occurs because successful removal chance of the stain will be reduced over time. Special leather care kits that are approved according to the EU Standards can also be used. Using cleaning solvents, alcohol, cologne and etc. other substances may cause permanent damage to the leather.

        Care Instructions  

Antik Color Chart

IWC Black


IWC Blue

IWC Brown

IWC Chestnut

IWC Green

IWC Stone

IWC Yellow

Alpi Off Black

Alpi Medium Brown

Alpi Malto

Alpi Dark Brown

Rondo Claret Red

Rondo Coconut

Rondo Dark Brown

Rondo Moss

Wax Bordeaux

Wax Cognac

Wax T Moro

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