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Introducing acrylic tops, the perfect choice for outdoor areas in your furniture projects. These versatile and long-lasting surfaces are specially crafted to meet your project’s dimensions and requirements. With their exceptional properties, acrylic tops offer numerous benefits for outdoor applications.  Their superior impact resistance makes them a reliable choice, as they can withstand accidental impacts without shattering. Not only are they durable, but acrylic tops are also lightweight, making handling, transportation, and installation hassle-free. Discover the perfect blend of durability, customization options, and aesthetic appeal with acrylic tops for your outdoor spaces.

Designed to withstand the elements, they exhibit remarkable weather resistance and are highly resistant to UV radiation, ensuring they won’t yellow or become brittle over time. You can easily customize these tops to fit your specific needs, thanks to their ability to be produced in various dimensions and shapes. Low maintenance is another advantage, as they can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

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Acrylic Top
Acrylic Top

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